ICASuD is an annual interdisciplinary research-based and industry-focused conference that aims at addressing key economic and societal development issues across the African continent and its partnering nations. Since the year 2021, the International Centre for Policy Research and Industry Linkages, purview subsidiary of Shaveh Consulting has hosted the International Conference on Africa’s Sustainable Development (ICASuD) as an annual international conference. The conference serves as a regional knowledge-creating hub that is poised at ensuring conducive economic growth, alleviation of poverty, food scarcity, sustainable livelihood, accelerated growth rates and sustainable development among Africa nations.

ICASuD 2023 will bring researchers, practitioners, investors, and policy makers from universities, research institutions, global agencies, and other African and global organizations to identify new ways of supporting Africa’s sustainable development and to achieve stronger continental competitiveness in the region and its cross-continental partnerships. ICePRIL will be in partnership with Anchor University Lagos (AUL) to host ICASuD 2023. The partnership will offer ICASuD 2023 an extended reach and awareness across our mutual audience